How To Save On Your Electricity Bill This Winter

It has been well documented for months now that the energy price cap is going up again this winter and by a significant amount meaning that households will be paying a great deal more for electricity. For some people they could be looking at an increase in the thousands in terms of how much their energy bills are going up, so we’re going to look at ways to reduce your energy usage and offset the increase in bills to some degree.

What uses the most electricity?

Typically, anything that heats up will use the most electricity in your house, people automatically think of electric heaters but there are many more appliances in your home that use a surprising amount of energy. Some of the worst offenders in terms of energy usage are kettles, washing machines, dryers and showers. Light bulbs, TV’s and gadgets in general don’t tend to use that much electricity and all have automatic standby modes to save power if they aren’t being used (make sure these are enabled).

How To Save Money With Fixtures & Fittings

One of the best things you can do in preparation for the winter is to change all of your light bulbs to LED bulbs, previously most light bulbs would be anywhere from 60w-100w, most LED bulbs now give off the same level of brightness (if not more) and are only between 2w-5w. That is a massive reduction when multiplied across your house. The average house will have around 20 light bulbs that are used regularly, if those 20 light bulbs were 100w then it would be a total of 2kW of energy being used every hour. If they were 5w LED bulbs this would drop to 100w every hour or 0.1kW, a huge saving. They can be expensive to buy to begin with but last a long time, far longer than normal light bulbs.

How To Save Money By Changing Your Habits

There are some small things you can change in your life to save money on energy. Most people for example will wash their clothes after they have worn them once, this isn’t necessary unless you have been particularly hot (which isn’t likely to be the case in winter) or you have spilt something. Wear your clothes a couple of times before washing them and you have halved the amount of times you use the washer and dryer. The same goes for showers, it’s easy to stand around in the shower for a while and take half an hour. Instead, try being quick in the shower and cutting them down to 15 minutes.

Accessories To Save Money

Obviously, the biggest cost is central heating or electric heaters, so anything you can do to cut down on your usage will save you money. Consider buying something like hoodie blankets or a thicker duvet that you can use when you’re watching TV (separate to the one you’d use in bed) so that you can keep warm while having your house/apartment cooler.

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