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Through the Study Abroad programme international students can apply to join an undergraduate course. Once we have received your digital portfolio it will be reviewed by the academic team. A decision will be made on your application Photography News which may include – offer, offer alternative, recommend to alternative course, reject or invite to interview. Following the review of the digital portfolio, a small number of applicants will progress to the interview stage.

  • You will be asked to complete an Immigration History Check to establish whether you are eligible to study at UAL.
  • However, the truth is a lot more complex than that, and it is something that you should really think about as you grow and mature as a photographer.
  • Explore hundreds of photographers’ monographs and access technical and contextual texts, as well as other online resources, to underpin and expand your practice.
  • Our diverse teaching team, purpose-built environment and advanced facilities enable you to establish your unique style and personal visual language.
  • The footage has emerged from the Russia-Ukraine war and shows the pilot exiting the aircraft and landing safely in a field some distance away.

On this module you will engage with projects and live client briefs to advance your photographic skills and knowledge. These projects will cover different types of practice and will be underpinned by theoretical understanding. You might attend a live brief and workshop at a professional photography studio or work on a set brief from a local organisation. You will develop a professional portfolio of photography with which to launch your career.


Image processing is allowed but it is the responsibility of the photographer to not manipulate or enhance the images in such a way that they distort or change the reality of the scene shot. Giambattista della Porta demonstrated and described in detail the use of a camera obscura with a lens. The most important control is, of course, the creative photographer’s vision. He or she chooses the vantage point and the exact moment of exposure.

The First Steps on Your Photographic Journey

NASA slammed its DART spacecraft into the asteroid Dimorphos yesterday, snapping photos and videos right up until impact. Visual and Creative Arts Ontario College Diploma2 years Your two-year kickstart to a career in art and design. Our vision is to graduate highly-skilled life-long learners who uphold professional integrity and promote quality and safety in practice. Develop your unique artistic voice and springboard into the industry as an innovative fashion photog… Harness your passion for photography and filmmaking to inspire audiences about nature and the enviro… From creating photographs and films for high-end advertising and marketing campaigns to producing vi…

Brazilian is chosen Sports Photographer of the Year in a global competition with a series about extreme sports

You’ll take eight courses in your specialization of choice, gaining specific skills that are not taught in traditional diploma and degree programs. Your computer science specialization will give you a competitive advantage when you graduate. In our Honours Bachelor of Computer Science program, you’ll learn foundational skills that prepare you to work in any area of computer science.

How to Capture Motion Blur in PhotographyCapturing movement in images is something that many photographers only need to do when photographing sports or other fast-moving events. Tilt-shift photography refers to the use of camera movements on small- and medium-format cameras; it usually requires the use of special lenses. In this post we present useful photographic techniques, tutorials and resources for various kinds of photography.